To burn is to ruin, to devastate, to demolish, to wipe out.

To burn is also to clean, clarify, and to purify

Life is a whirlwind combination of love and loss. I am realizing that my work is about the examination of this process. Since loss (death) is inevitable, I spend my time cherishing people, time, events, places,... and people that I know will leave one day. 

It is the fear of loss, and at the same time, the acceptance of loss. It is the knowledge that loss will inevitably happen, and the knowledge that afterwards it will be ok. I don't hold time in my hands, and the one who does has grace.

There is a beauty in the vulnerability of devastation. 

These are the things I am thinking about.

All images are from the neighborhood I grew up in Flint, MI. After leaving in 1998, I haven't been back until now. These are some of the images from this recent exploration.