Near the end of the Ripley Neck Peninsula on the coast of southern Maine there is a path that few know of.  One can treck through fallen down trees and lean-to's, over moss covered rocks, and a few unstable tiny foot bridges over creeks to find the ancient graveyard of the Pinkham family.  Graveyards like this are not uncommon in Maine, but few are as bewitching as this one.  The pine trees that guard the graves make any spectator a voyeuristic guest.  There are graves that date back to the 17th Century, but it can be concluded that there are even older graves since many of the limestones have degraded to the point of illegibility.  There are many graves of young children, and one as young as 5 months.  

This site brings up thoughts such as:
Life stories - What we can tell from just reading a tombstone, and all of the person's story that we will never know, but can only speculate.
The human and nature - The creation story from the Bible indicates that humans were created from dust.  After death we return to that same natural state.
What is left after we pass? - There is a legacy, good/bad/or in-between, but only remembered and told for so long.  The ground and the grass above us is the last space we occupy.

These are just a few of the thoughts that brought me to focus on this work during the duration of my stay at the Golden Apple Artist Residency.  Below are some pictures from the studio and the pieces I worked on.